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Be it an institute, a commercial centre, an office premise or a factory, food and people are inseparable. Catering to a multi-palette in itself is an art. Managing these various tasks to deliver the right order on time and recover the bill for the same is another jugglery.

Avoid this jugglery with the Cafeteria Management software from Laurus Software Technologies. Built around your access control smart cards, this software automates all canteen related activities effortlessly

Some Highlightsof the Product are :-

  • Connects to existing Employee Database/ Creates and defines employee wise categories
  • Defines and maintains food menus- standard and custom with rates
  • Category wise canteen charges
  • Adjust food vouchers to employee eligibility
  • Billing and other easy to generate canteen reports such as :-
    1. Canteen Consumption Report
    2. Canteen Employee Usage Report
    3. Canteen Visitor Report
    4. Canteen Supplier Billing Report
    5. Canteen Visitor Record with Lunch Summary

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