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The powerful Insurance and Finance industry has faced many challenges over the last decade due to fierce competition and complex regulatory environment. Business heads are always searching for the right combination of technology and processes, and mitigating risks due to the huge processing of sensitive data.

Laurus Software Technologies, provides diverse service through its niche and popular product NASTIE, particularly designed for any application residing on AS/400 platform (IBM I series).

NASTIE is a most popular and the only product that uniquely integrates regular Microsoft applications with IBM technology. With minimal requirement of a PC with Microsoft Excel, it can be easily installed in any desired directory.

Some Highlights :-

  • Uses the IBM Client Access and/or Personal Communications software APIs to communicate directly with the AS/400
  • Uses Microsoft Excel worksheet in an efficient and automated manner for easy auditing and tracking changes
  • Easy-to-use, interactive Script based Development and Execution environment supporting automated data column
  • references, automatic parameter prompting and validation, help text per parameter, and interactive debugging etc.
  • Excellent auditing capabilities and prevention of duplicate execution of a data row due to full Status Processing control for every single data row
  • Performs identifiable and secure batch updates to any application residing on IBM AS/400
  • Highly stable performance and independent of any GUI
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