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Thin Servers & Protocol Gateways

Laurus Software’s understands the needs of the industry and in order to provide solutions that reduce time to market we have developed an entire range of connectivity solutions and other off the shelf components, controls and Modules. These sub systems become a part of your own product or application, seamlessly integrating data over multiple standard / proprietary protocols and other functionalities such as custom reports, custom trends and historical data processing needs of your system.

At Laurus Software’s custom and off the shelf components are brought together efficiently for solving immediate client requirements. Our OPC and BACNet solutions technology offers an easy to interface solution and component, which promotes greater interoperability among automation and control applications.

Some of the easily re-distributable modules are -

  • BACNet TCP/IP Gateway
  • OPC Gateway
  • Modbus Protocol Stacks
  • Custom Trending Modules - specifically for the Pharma Industry
  • Reporting Modules
  • History Modules
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