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Fire Graphics and Alarm Reporting System

Laurus Software Technologies provides a Fire Graphics and Alarm Reporting Sytem that is specially designed for detecting the unwanted presence of fire. We offer systems which can connect and acquire data from almost any Intelligent Fire Alarm system. Each and every device can be mapped to the floor plans within the graphics.

These systems interlock with the Security and Surveillance System such that business organizations and individuals can easily notify people and employees to evacuate in an event of fire and other emergencies. With a proper fire alarm monitoring system at a centralized location, in place they get time to prepare the associated systems for controlling the spread of fire.

Some Highlights :-

  • Walk through the customized animated graphics to view the plant / factory floor along with the fire alarm system devices
  • Alarm Log to monitor all the alarms generated in the System
  • User definable alarm report for all the alarms based on date selection
  • Allows to set types and priority levels of alarms
  • Configures units and associated parameters for alarm listing
  • Integrates with intelligent Access and IP based CCTV systems – helps you zero in to the problem immediately.
  • Auto POP-UP of the floor and device in alarm state irrespective of what is being viewed at the time of Alarm occurrence.
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