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BTU & Energy Metering Systems

We offer quality services in Measuring, metering and billing the various energies which go into a building, ranging from heating/cooling, electrical energy by using this BTU and Energy Metering and Monitoring System. The software is capable of generating customized reports on weekly as well as monthly along with tenant invoices for the various energies including the air conditioning energies that are consumed for maintaining optimum comfort.

Laurus Software’s, BTU and Energy Metering and Monitoring system evaluates the temperature and flow data from sensing devices. Our clients can view data from the sensors that can display quantity of heat that is transferred. Our BTU metering module includes metering and sub metering of cooling and heating energy distribution.

Specifically designed and developed for multi tenant facility connecting to multiple types of energies over with rich connectivity supporting multiple Open and Proprietary Protocols.

Some Highlights of the Product :-
  • Directly connected to the BTU Meters through a Gateway or through the system database over an ODBC connection
  • Provisions to add multiple tenants for a Multi-tenant Facility
  • Adds Multiple Meters to an existing system or an Existing Tenant as the network grows.
  • Allocate/ Define Start/Stop for Metering based on User Occupancy
  • Trend ID’s for Trending Meter Consumptions
  • Generates Custom Reports
  • Billing Reports with Billing Summaries
  • Consumption Report
  • Historical Usage Reports
  • Monthly Invoices for customers
  • Role and Feature Based Security
  • Configuration through simple Master Templates
  • Low maintenance cost

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