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Building Automation

Increased protection of people and property, data and investment is a prime concern of all infrastructure developers. Intelligent, well-integrated, reliable, building solutions offer safety, comfort and energy efficiency to all inhabitants- be it home or a workplace or a commercial complex.

Laurus Software Technologies offers such smart, simple-to-use automated sub-systems that can be easily installed and integrated with the central system. Our solutions encompass data acquisition, graphical visualization, protocol convertors/gateways and trending/reporting modules focused towards solutions in the following functions within the Domain :

  • HVAC Monitoring and Control
  • BTU and Electrical Energy Metering and Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Graphics and Reporting Systems
  • Access Control and Security Systems Integrations
  • Integrated Facility Management Systems
  • Protocol Gateways and Thin Servers
  • Control Modules for History Reporting and Trending

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